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‘Nurture fresh thinking for a healthy world’

About Us

Seed Harvest Spoon is a registered Not for Profit operating from Sydney’s Inner West. We are passionate about sustainability, education, health and communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for communities globally, to work together locally, to create a healthier world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to generate sustainable community development projects. Using community garden development as a catalyst we educate communities in: growing local, seasonal and organic food; generating healthy ecosystems; and promoting local biodiversity. We foster community connection and capacity building by supporting communities to work together to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the strength of community where an environment that values cooperation is the foundation for learning and success.

We believe that healthy soil is the essence of healthy life. This can be achieved through composting and worm farming to produce food for our soil and plants.

We believe that health and wellbeing are the right of every community and essential to positive life experiences.

We believe that children are confident, active and willing learners. Connections with the natural environment will provide children with opportunities for exploration and participation where their natural disposition of curiosity, awe and wonder are nurtured.

We believe that children's enthusiasm is infectious and offers a natural gateway for involving the broader community.

We believe that each community is unique with its own particular strengths and needs and that these should inform and shape our work in each community.

We respect and acknowledge cultural traditions, indigenous heritage and the wisdom of elders to promote awareness, appreciation and understanding of the importance of interdependence between all living things.